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My journey in creativity began as a Photoshop artist, but quickly evolved into an exciting adventure. Driven by a strong desire to learn, I explored the world of 3D architectural visualization, taking on freelance projects and improving my skills through focused study.

The peak of my journey reached its height with my entry into the dynamic studio environment, where I embraced the art of CG compositing, marking the beginning of my professional career.

My journey then took me through roles as a lighting and compositing artist, and eventually, into the thrilling realm of VFX compositing, where each challenge fueled my passion and sharpened my skills.


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What I Do

  • Gizmology
  • Green Screen Keying
  • Camera/2D Tracking
  • VFX Compositing
  • Generative AI
  • CG Compositing
  • Shading and Lighting
  • 3D inorganic
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Video Editing
  • Generative AI
  • modelling texturing
  • Coding
  • chatGPT & OPEN AI
  • stable diffusion
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Ravindar Singh Chauhan Lead Compositor at Mpc , May 11 2023

I had the chance of working with Aman on a project at MPC, where he contributed as a Key Compositing Artist and also took on the role of Team Lead. Aman is a highly skilled and detail-oriented professional who consistently delivered top-quality work while keeping our team focused and on track. It was a wonderful journey working with him, and I highly recommend Aman and wish him the best in his future endeavours. I look forward to the opportunity to work with him again

devendra thakur Team Lead at redchillies.vfx , June 19 2023

Aman is one the good artist I have worked with, very much skilled, understands his task and dedicated towards his work..

Manish Kumar Sharma Lead Compositor | Sr. Compositor, April 12 2023

I have been working with Aman on some shows in Anibrain, He is a good artist, he was always ready to learn new tricks in live compositing because his background was in CG compositing, he has good behavior with colleagues.

Nikhil Srivastwa Key Compositor at GhostVFX, May 16 2023

Great attitude, fantastic work ethic, creatively blessed.

Aniruddha Mukherjee Director & Creative Head, July 15 2021

Aman is a good compositor. always a good team member in my team. Hardworking, Creative, technically strong. Believes in “smart work” mantra… best of luck buddy. Will work again….

Shalini Vakare Asso. Head of Production - India at Basilicfly Studios, July 14 2021

focused, determine and has potential to grow in career

Shwet Suman Sharma Senior Compositor | Nuke Compositor, June 29 2019

I have been working with Aman on some films in Anibrain and it's always a pleasure to share work with him. He is very talented compositior with a positive attitude. So if you look for super compositing artist, he is a great choice.

Jagadeesh VP Lighting Lead at MPC film, June 21 2019

I really appreciate your boneless approach for any kind of shots brother. it was really nice to work with you always because of your passion for work and your humble character. Keep rocking !

anil sam Senior Supervisor Lighting and Compositing @Mikros Animation, Dec 1 2018

Aman is one of the best artist in this industry. It was really a great experience working with him. His dedication and passion for work is boundless. I wish all the best...

Gaurav Kumar Lighting & Compositing Supervisor at Mikros Animation India, Dec 1 2018

I worked with Aman on one of the TV shows in technicolor. He is a very passionate and dedicated artist with full of creative ideas and that's what made him one of the go to person in my team. Even in a fast paced production Aman have been delivering flawless comp, putting all the effort to deliver his work at the highest level of quality. I recommend him to anyone in need of a dedicated artist. I hope to work with him again in the future and I know, due to his dedication and positive attitude towards new ideas he will do great in his career!!!!!

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